WEA Level 2 DB2e Troubleshooting Guide

Turn on DB2e Logging

Logging At Server


Logging At Device


Changing Database URL/Port

In 8.1.2, the database url/port cannot be changed via MDAC or xml, but this alter function will be supported via XML in 8.1.4.                
In 8.1.2, as a temporary unofficial workaround, the url/port can be manually updated via:                                                  
Open a DB2 CLP window
>connect to dsyctldb                                                    
(View existing jdbc source entries)
>select database from dsy.jdbc_master                                  
(Uupdate existing jdbc source entries)
>update dsy.jdbc_master set database=´{new database}´ where(database=´{old database}´)                                       
 update dsy.jdbc_master set database=´jdbc:db2:newdb´ where(database=´jdbc:db2:vnurse´)                                      
It´s case sensitive on the WHERE part -- so cut and paste is easiest. Repeat for each source database that needs to be changed.              
Note that these are DB2e internal tables and are subject to change.   In 8.1.4,  please use the official method. 

Changing Number Of Days Logs Are Kept

The Log.KeepDays=21 property has been moved from DSYGdflt.properties file to the DSYCTLDB DSY.PROPERTIES table.

Information and logs for analyzing this PMR.  

Specifically, What version of PPC H/W and S/W are you using?

If possible please also provide a more detailed problem description, ie.
was it a DM and DB2e combined or separate sync?

Were any error codes issued on server or client?  

Has anyone else successfully sync'ed, and has this device every
successfully sync'ed?. If no devices have ever synced, please send
installation log files, otherwise, please answer the following and try
to attempt the failed sync after following the following directions to
capture more verbose logs.

If possible, can we recreate the problem by perform the following:

First edit the DSYGdflt.properties file to set the Trace.Level=*.

Stop WAS, then move existing log files (see list below) to another
folder so that we can restart everything causing creation of new log
files), then start the WAS/WEA and all app servers.

Please provide the following logs:

     userid.log (MSGDUMPS, will be the same name as the user syncing)
     dsy.n.trace n=0,1,...
     dsyadmin.0.trace (V8.1.x)
     access.log (HTTP Server)
     UsersServices.log (WEA)
     systderr.txt (Websphere)
     dsystdout.txt (Websphere)

On the device, set detail trace on to obtain the files (LOGDB-ISYN, or
TRACE-ISYN (V8.1.x), located on the device in "\Program Files\iSync\".

Attempt to recreate the sync problem, Please zip the log files and
send to "ibmpvc@us.ibm.com", with a subject of "PRM 02809,060,678
DSB Failed Sync SteveH"

Dont forget to reset the log trace to it's original value and restart