Installing WebSphere Edge Server Network Dispatcher

Get The Edge Server Software

The AIX Edge Server software resides in mounted directory "/WEA/inst.images/EdgeServer".


These instructions assume you have a IBM internet ID/Password (i.e. "" with your own password).

1) From web site "", select "Software Downloads".

2) At the bottom of the Software Downloads page, click on the link "Continue Using IBM Intranet Password".

3) In the "INTERNAL USE ONLY" pop-up window, click "Continue".

4) In the "Welcome to Software Downloads", in the "Search" field, enter "Edge" (without the quotes), and click "Search".

5) In the resulting list of products select the "WebSphere Everyplace Server, Service Provider Offering V2.1.3 WebSphere Edge Server for AIX e-image......", and select to store it where you desire (the author stored it at "/WEA/inst.images/EdgeServer").

6) In the associated directory, rename then uncompress the file that was downloaded (i.e. "mv  IBM_Download=C42GSM.taz  EdgeServer.tar.Z", then "uncompress)