Installing Java 1.3.1 On AIX

Obtain The Java 1.3.1 Software

The Java 1.3.1. software can be obtained from the WEA CD1 installation disk, and can be installed from the physical CD1, NAS, cinta03, or AIX NIM image mounted disk "/WEA/inst.images/JDK1.3.1".

Installing From CD's

1) Insert CD1 in your CD drive, and as user "root", from the root directory ("/"), at the AIX Command prompt, create a directory for mounting (i.e. "mkdir mnt")

2) Also from the AIX command prompt, execute the mount command to mount the CD (i.e. "mount  -o  ro  -v  cdrfs  /dev/cd0  /mnt").

3) Change directories to "/mnt/aixjava3/jdk"), then proceed to Java 1.3.1. Installation Procedure.

Installing From NAS

1)  Log on as "root" and change directories to the network drive which has the builds on it by changing directories to "/nas/WEA_R430/" (on some machines, the mount to this directory is unsuccessful. If so, type "mount  -a" to correct this problem. (Note: you might get some errors on execution of the "mount -a", if so, try to go to "/nas/WEA_R430", and if successful, just ignore the errors)). In that directory there exists all the builds which have been transferred to NAS (Note: when a new build has COMPLETELY been copied to NAS, there will be a file "done" in the associated directory (i.e. "/nas/WEA_R430/04170621/done").

2) Determine the build you are interested in and change to that directory (i.e. "03121504"), and in it change to the "cdlinks/cd1/aixjava3/jdk" directory (this full path will be "/nas/WEA_R430/03121504/cdlinks/cd1/aixjava3/jdk")

3) Proceed to Java 1.3.1. Installation Procedure.

Installing From cinta03

Every morning (and if necessary more than once a day), WEA Test personnel will be ftp'ing the new builds to "cinta03" (if you try to mount a version that does not exist, please see Ken Hoopes or Jim Brancato for more information.)

There are several "mount" scripts located on "/WEA/tools/mounting", that perform the appropriate mounting for each day of the week. As well, in that same directory exists the corresponding "unmount" script for each mount. The naming convention for these scripts is as follows:

Script naming convention:    mnt(3 letter day of the week)a(build during the day)

Example 1:    mntmona1       equals  mnt = mount, "mon" = Monday, "a" = AIX, and 1 = the first build for that day
Example 2:    mntfria3             equals  mnt = mount, "fri" = Friday, "a" = AIX, and 3 = the third build for that day

1) Once you have run the mount script (i.e. for Monday, build 1, from the AIX command prompt, change directories to "/WEA/tools/mounting", and type "./mntmona1"), the directory you will execute the installation from will be named after the mount script. In the examples above, for example 1, change directories to "/mntmona1/cd1".

There are corresponding "unmount" scripts which include the above convention preceded by "u" (i.e. "umntmona1")

Change directories to the appropriate build mount point for the day and build (i.e. "/mntmona1/cd1/aixjava3/jdk").

Proceed to Java 1.3.1. Installation Procedure

AIX NIM image mounted disk "/WEA/inst.images/JDK1.3.1"

The JDK 1.3.1 software is available from the "/WEA/inst.images/jdk.1.3.1/jdk" directory on the NIM image mounted disk. From the AIX prompt, change directories to that point and proceed to Java 1.3.1. Installation Procedure

Java 1.3.1. Installation Procedure

At this point you should be in the directory containing the Java software.

1) From the AIX command prompt type "smitty install".

2) In the "Software Installation and Maintenance" panel, select "Install and Update Software", then press "Enter".

3) In the "Install and Update Software" panel, select "Install Software", then press "Enter".

4) In the "Install Software" panel, in the "INPUT device / directory for software" field, enter a period ".", then press "Enter".

5) In the "Install Software" panel, for the following fields, input the associated value, then press "Enter":

                   Field                                                              Value

  INPUT device / directory for software                               .
  SOFTWARE to install                                                      [_al l_latest]        +
  PREVIEW only? (install operation will NOT occur)           no                      +
  COMMIT software updates?                                            yes                     +
  SAVE replaced files?                                                        no                     +
  AUTOMATICALLY install requisite software?                 yes                     +
  EXTEND file systems if space needed?                             yes                     +
  OVERWRITE same or newer versions?                            no                      +
  VERIFY install and check file sizes?                                  yes                     +
  Include corresponding LANGUAGE filesets?                   yes                      +
  DETAILED output?                                                         no                       +
  Process multiple volumes?                                                yes                      +
  ACCEPT new license agreements?                                   yes                      +
  Preview new LICENSE agreements?                                no                      +

6) In the "ARE YOU SURE" portion of the panel, press "Enter". Wait several minths.

7) When the "Command:" equals "OK", press the F3 key until you return to the AIX command prompt.

You can now use the Java 1.3.1. development kit.