AIX nimesis Network Install Instruction

Note, these instructions were originally written for installation from the nimesis server (wesbeta2).

Before you can install from NIM the first time, you must create/modify a file in the root directory called ".rhosts" which contains the text: com   root   root root root

This allows the NIM servers to remotely connect for installing a NIM build.

Before beginning the download from nimesis you should connect to the nimesis server, enter your machine name (i.e. "wea2aix8") and click the "Define Profile". Click "Lets Roll" in the browser pop-up, and wait until the action is performed. What this does is set up nimesis to be ready to download the new image once the AIX box is rebooted. The following steps describe how to get the AIX box configured to contact nimesis for download of a new image.

1)  Start your box (i.e. "wea2aix8") by pressing the start button on the front of the computer..

2)  From the keyboard connected to your AIX machine, alternately press the number 1 key and the F1 key CONTINUOUSLY until you pass out (if using a keyboard connected to the AIX machine, the keyboard LED's will flicker, and at that point, start hitting F1. The video display will turn white or gray shortly).

3)  When you get the "System Management Services" (a gray) screen, click "Utilities".

4)  In the "Utilities" panel, click "RIPL".

5)  In the "RIPL" panel, click "Set Address".

6)  In the "Remote IPL Setup" panel, for the "Client Addr", enter the IP address of the machine (i.e. "wea2aix8" IP = "").

7)  In the "Server Addr", enter the IP of the build image box (wesbeta2 IP =  "") or nimesis box (, or "gvtaix04" (gvtaix04  =") , "Gateway Address" should be ", and "Subnet Mask" should be "", ("b08aix(xxx)" boxes are "") then click "Save", then "Exit".

8)  In the "RIPL" panel, panel, select "Ping".

9)  In the "Ping Setup" panel, click "Adapter".

10)  Select (probably) the "IBM 100/10 Ethernet Adapter (Integrated) , and click "Ping", which will reflect successful (a flashing green "OK"), and the "PING: destination hardware address..." is displayed, then click "Exit".

11) Select the "Config" option, and in the "Configuration" panel, click "OK" and make sure the "Data Rate" is 100MPS and that "Full Duplex" is set for "Full Duplex", then click "Save", then click "Exit".

12)  Click "Exit" until you get back to the "System Management Services" panel.

13)  Click on "Multiboot".

(by this point the machine you are installing from (i.e. "wesbeta2", or "nimesis") will be waiting to download the image.)

14)  Click on "Install From", and select the "IBM 100/10/Ethernet Adapter (Integrated)" option (with the spacebar), then click "Install". (you might be installing from another adapter that "pinged" successfully, if so , choose to install from this one).

15) Wait a minth.