Accessibility Windows Keyboard Shortcuts

Internet Explorer and Netscape Keys

tab                                                  Moves to next control, link, or page.
shift/tab                                           Moves backwards
F6                                                   Moves between panes in Help
alt/rightarrow                                   Displays next page (Forward Button)
alt/leftarrow                                     Displays previous page (Backward Button)
shift/F10                                          Displays shortcut menu for a link
ctrl/tab                                             Moves forward between frames
shift/ctrl/tab                                      Moves backward between frames
up arrow                                          Scrolls up
ctrl/n                                                Invokes dialog box to open a new url

Windows and Program Shortcuts

ctrl/Esc                                           Opens Start menu
Delete                                             Sends selected stuff to Recycle Bin
shift/Delete                                      Destroys selected stuff
ctrl/n                                               Opens a new window of stuff (goodness knows what)
ctrl/o                                               Opens a page
ctrl/p                                               Prints a page
ctrl/s                                               Saves a page
ctrl/x                                               Cuts item to clipboard
ctrl/c                                               Copies item to clipboard
ctrl/v                                               Pastes item from clipboard
alt+backspace or ctrl/z                    Undoes last action
alt+shift+backspace                        Redoes undone

Menu Bar Navigation

F10                                                Initiates navigation mode in most windows
Arrow keys                                    Navigates through menu options
Enter                                              Executes selected action
Esc                                                Goes back one level
alt/anycharacter                              Selects/executes the option beginning with the character typed in

Window Manipulation

alt/F4                                            Closes active window
alt/spacebar                                   Opens the program menu from the leftmost icon
alt/tab                                            Switches (via selection) to the active program from the menu bar
alt/tab                                            Switches immediately to the next active program from the menu bar

F1                                                  Context sensitive help
shift+F10                                        Opens the shortcut menu for active item

General Windows Info

shift   If you hold it down when inserting a CD, AutoPlay is inhibited