Configuration Management Version Control Operation

Setting Up CMVC For WEA Testing
Creating a Defect
Defect Field Rules


Setting Up CMVC For WEA Testing

(For problems with CMVC, call 526-2224)  To request a CMVC ID, connect to web site "", and click on the "Submit a WBS Request Online". In the "Online Request Forms" page, click on the "New CMVC ID Request" link. Fill in the required info and submit. A note will be sent to your manager for approval.

After installation you should have an icon on your desktop which is a shortcut to CMVC. Invoke CMVC using this icon and the "IBM Configuration Management Version Control - Tasks" window should appear.

1)  From your main CMVC window menu bar, click on "Windows" and select "Settings".

2)  In the "Settings" window, in the "Environment" tab (at the bottom), in the "Family" field enter the value "" (with no quotes!).

3)  In the "Become user" field, enter your userid

4)  In the "Relative directory" field, enter the value for where your CMVC is installed. (i.e. "d:\cmvc").

5)  In the "CMVC" Auth Method" field, select "PW".

6)  In the "Settings" tab (at the bottom), in the field "NLS path" the value should be "C:\CMVC\EXE\NLS\%N"

7)  In the "Compare command" field the value could be "C:\vslick\win\vsdiff.exe"

8)  In the "GUI" and "Extract" tabs, set values to your choice.

An example defect filter is "state not in ('canceled', 'closed') and originLogin in ('shayden') and releaseName in ('wea_r420')"

Creating a Defect

1) From the "IBM Configuration Management Version Control - Tasks" window, click "Actions", "Defects", and select "Open"

2) In the resulting "Open Defect" window, enter data for the following fields

Field Name                                        Example Input (no quotes)

Component:                                       "ent.portlets"  (or)  "wpo_instcfg.wea WEA Installable"
Remarks:                                           Include a detailed description of the problem
Abstract:                                            "WEA-WIN: Cannot navigate between portal tabs with keyboard"
Release:                                            "wea_r420"
Level:                                                "09250552"   (from C:\WebSphere\AppServer\WEA\WEAproduct.xml)
Environment:                                      "W2k"
Prefix:                                                "d"
Severity:                                            "2"
Symptom:                                           "fnwad"
Phase found:                                      "svt"
Keywords:                                        "svt_win"

2)  If you have more information that should be included in the defect that would cause the "Remarks" to be too verbose, you can optionally create a directory on "" in which you can place files, logs, or any other pertinent information that cannot be contained in the remarks. You should include in the remarks the fact that you are placing additional information in "cinta03" so the designer can know additional information has been provided.

Instructions to perform the placing of the additional information on "cinta03":

        a) ftp to "" and login with user "rushtest", (generic password) password.
        b) cd to "defects" directory and create a new directory with your defect number
        c) put all related logs and any other pertinent files in this directory
        d) update your defect to indicate how to access defect log(s) after step 4 below
(Note: when you create the defect, in the remarks, include the ID/PW of "rushtest", with the password of (generic password))

3)  Once you have input the appropriate values, click "OK"

4)  A "Open Defect" window should appear stating your defect was opened successfully, as well as provide your defect number (i.e. "The new defect number is 18429."). Click "OK".

5)  If your defect is "Returned" by the design group, and you accept the results, from CMVC - Defects window, simply select the defect, right mouse click and click on "Cancel".

6)  If your defect is "Returned" by the design group, and you do not accept the results, you can "Reopen" it. This is done in the "CMVC - Defects" window, by simply selecting the defect, right mouse click and click on "Cancel".

7)  If the defect was accepted by the design group, and this results in the fixing of a problem, the defect will be placed in a "Verify" state and incorporated in a subsequent build. If this occurs you install the build which has the fix in it which can be determined by selecting the defect in "CMVC - Defects" window, right mouse click, select "Show", and click on "Tracks". In the "CMVC - Tracks" window, the "Updated" column reflects the date the build with your defect incorporated was completed.

8)  Verify the problem was corrected, and from the "CMVC - Defects" window, simply select the defect, right mouse click select "Verification Records: and click on "Accept". In the "Accept Verification Records" dialog box, enter remarks reflecting the problem was corrected and what version of the build you used, then click "OK".

9)  If the problem was corrected but no verification record was created, you must "Cancel" the defect. (From CMVC, select the defect you wish to cancel, right mouse click, and in the selection, click on "Cancel")

10)  After verification, if this defect passing allows a failing or blocked test scenario to pass, go into the "WEA R2.x Scenerio/ER on ATE04DB" database and update your "Execution record".

11) If you write a defect which is a duplicate of another, you should keep the defect until it is fixed, then "Cancel" the duplicate as well either "Accept" or "Reject" the verification record.

12) If you have written a defect, and someone else writes a defect that is determined a "duplicate" of yours, even though your defect goes in the "verify" state, you cannot "accept" yours until the duplicate writer "cancels" and "accepts" their defect, then you can "accept" yours.

Resetting Your Password

1)  From the CMVC window menu bar, select "Actions", "Users", "Modify", "Password". Type it in.

Defect Field Rules

(per Salim Zeitouni  07/03/03)

1) In the Abstract field, please start by specifying the values "WEA-WIN", "WEA-AIX", "WEA-SUN" and you may append -[Ora/DB2]

2) For level, specify the build the defect was generated with

3) For environment, specify values in this table depending on the env. Please note to make sure you specify this as this is what we will use to track what environment has what number of defects. If a defect happens in more than on env, just specify the env that was 1st used to find this problem.
W2KDB2 Windows 2K Server with DB2
W2KOR8 Windows 2K Server with Oracle ver 8
W2KOR9 Windows 2K Server with Oracle ver 9
AIXDB2 AIX 5.1 with DB2
AIXOR8 AIX 5.1 with Oracle ver 8
AIXOR9 AIX 5.1 with Oracle ver 9
SOLDB2 Sun Solaris with DB2
SOLOR8 Sun Solaris with Oracle ver 8
SOLOR9 Sun Solaris with Oracle ver 9

4) for the phase found, please specify either "fvt" (Functional Verification Test) or "ivt" (Integration Verification Test). Please note to make sure you specify this as this is what we will use to track what phase this defect what found in.

5) In the Remark field we need to be very clear with instructions to re-create problem, exception or error messages, and one place were all defect log can be found if necessary. Remember that we have a defect  log repository on cinta03 for any of the log file, simply ftp to cinta03 and login as: rushtest and pw:(generic password) and then cd to the defects directory where you can create a directory with the same defect # as the problem generated. Ensure you refer development to this server in the defect but please don't give them the root userid/pw; rather the rushtest/(generic password) userid/pw.