Device Management Services Operation

Jobs are submitted to DMS and the associated information is stored in the DMS database. Active jobs show up in "DMS" database in the "ACTIVE_JOB" table. After an install there should be 3 records in this table. One for Inventory for "WinCE", "Palm", and "SYNCML". As more jobs are submitted, this will of course change.

Create Device Management Services User Group dmadmins

Users should be members of the DMS user group  in order to use Device Management Services. Create the group, "dmadmins" with the following steps.

1) Log on to WebSphere Portal as an administrative user (i.e "wpsadmin").

2) Select "Portal Administration" tab.

3) In the left frame, under "Users and Groups", click "Manage Groups" .

4) In the "Manage User Groups" portlet, type "dmsportgrp" into the "Group Name" field, then click "Create group".

(if the group "dmadmins" already exists, skip the next step)

5) Perform the previous step and add another group "dmadmins".

Create the Device Management Services User(s) In dmadmins Group

Create and add users to dmsusers and dmsportgrp using the following steps.

1) You should be logged on to WebSphere Portal as an administrative user (i.e "wpsadmin").

2) Select "Portal Administration" tab.

3) In the left frame, select "Users and Groups".

4) Select "Manage Users".

5) In the "Manage Users" portlet, on the right side, click "Create new user".

6) In the following fields, enter the following values:

  Field                         Value

User ID:                    dmsuser1
Password:                 dmsuser1
Confirm Password:    dmsuser1
First Name:               DMS
Last Name:               User1

Then click "OK". If you wish to add other users, create them now using the same process (i.e. "dmsuser2", etc.)

8) Similarly, add another user "dmsabuser"

9) In the left side of the portlet, click "Manage Groups".

10) Type an asterisk in the "Search for groups" field, then click "Get groups".

11) In the list of User Groups displayed, select "dmadmins" from the list and click "Membership".

12) On the "Manage User Groups" portlet, in the "Add users to group:" field, enter an "*", then click "Go".

13) In the "Search Results" list, select the "dmsuser1" and click "Add to group" then click "OK" (perform this same operation for all users you created except "dmsabuser").

Note: Once a user is a member of dmadmins, they can also utilize the Device Manager Console.

14) Perform steps 11-13 to add "dmsabuser" to group "dmsportgrp".

Copy CAB Files To WEA Database

1) Get the client software from the WEA CD7 (.i.e. "CD7/client/PPC2002/cabs/en/2577") and place on your desktop PC (the software can be retrieved from the appropriate build on NAS, or from cinta02/430(day of the week)).

2) With the Web browser of your choice, logon as "wpsadmin".

3) Click on the "WEA Home" tab, and then click on the "Administration". First assure DM Jobs portlet is OK ("no text is RED").

4) In the "Device Management -Configure" portlet, in the "New file" field, enter a filename (i.e. "StevieDMS"), then click "New".

5) Again, in the "Device Management -Configure" portlet, to the right of the "Device connection profiles" click the "New" link.

6) Again, in the "Device Management - Configure" portlet, in the section "Create a device connection profile.", for the "Profile name:", enter a value (i.e. "StevesProf"), accept the remaining default values, then click "OK".

7) In the "Device Management - Configure" portlet, accept the defaults ("Default profile" is "SteveProf", "Allow users to modify network profiles" and "Require users to log in" are both checked), again click "OK".

8) In the "Device Management - Jobs" portlet, click the wrench.

9) In the " Enter the host name of your Websphere Everyplace Access application server." field, assure your machine name you will be downloading from is filled in (i.e. ""), and click the "Upload Pocket PC 2002 client installation files" link.

10) In the "Upload files for" choice, select the language you wish to use (i.e "English"), and under the "IBM Everyplace Client for PPC2002" section, for each of the "CAB" files, browse to the associated file copied in step 1, then click "Upload" (after several seconds the portlet should reflect "All files have been uploaded"). (you can optionally perform this same operation for the "Sametime Mobile Client for PPC2002" and "DB2 Everyplace Sync Client for PPC2002"). Once they are done, then click on "Done", and when you are back in the "Device Management - Jobs" panel, click "OK".

10) Back in the "Device Management - Jobs" portlet, under the "Jobs" listed, click "Create Job".

11) In the "Create a Job" section, under the "Job Name:" field, select "WEA Client install" from the choices.

12) In the "Create a Job" page, select all components you desire and have previously prepared (i.e. "IBM Everyplace Client for PPC2002", "Sametime Mobile Client for PPC2002", and/or "DB2 Everyplace Sync Client for PPC2002". For the "Group:", accept the default "All",  then click "OK". (Two new jobs should be displayed in the "Jobs" list.)

13) Back in the "Device Management - Jobs" portlet, under the "Jobs" listed, click "Create Job" (things to get sent to device).

14) In the "Create a Job" section, under the "Job Name:" field, select "WEA Client Configure" from the choices.

15) Accept the defaults, and click "OK" ("Job Name" field is "Wea Client Configure", "Configuration File:" is "StevieDMS", and "Group" is "All"). There now should be 4 jobs listed.

16) In the "WEA Home" page group, click the "Configure" tab.

17) In the "Everyplace client installer" portlet, click the wrench icon.

18) In the "Everyplace Client Installer" portlet, "Device Manager server hostname", assure your fully qualified server hostname is in this field (i.e ""), and click "OK"

Download The Client To The Device (PPC)

(Do a "hard reset" on the PPC, go through the normal startup and bluetooth/network, see Pocket PC Operation)

1) From the PPC, tap the "Start", and in the selection, tap "Internet Explorer".

2) In the Internet Explorer GUI, in the lower left, tap "View", and select "Address Bar", then connect to your portal (i.e. "").

3) Logon to the WEA Home page by tapping the key icon in the upper right corner of the portal page, and when prompted enter your ID and password (i.e. "dmsabuser" and "dmsabuser").

4) Under the portlet group selection "WEA Home" in the "Welcome" pull down selection, select "Configure"

5) In the "Configure" portlet, tap the "Everyplace Client Installer" icon.

6) In the "Everyplace Client Installer" portlet, tap "Download Installer".

7) In the "Download" popup requesting "Download the 316 KB file '' to the "My Documents' folder in Main Memory?" tap "Yes".

At this point the download to the PPC occurs. It installs, connects to server, and all the cab files will be downloaded. Once they are there, the panel clears and are presented with Everyplace Client Installer which initializes. Dependant upon how many CAB files you selected, the download operation may take several minutes. When it is done, you will be presented with a Welcome page (see next step).

8) For the "User ID" and "Password" fields, enter "dmsabuser" (value from previous step)