Lotus Notes Installation and Configuration

Installing Lotus Notes 5.06

The software can be obtained from the "\\sdsmsrv\software" network drive/folder in the "\IBM\Lotus_Notes\R5\5.0.6a" folder (i.e. "net use * \\sdsmsrv\software")

1)  From Doubleclick on the  "506awgcda.exe" file.

2)  In the Lotus Notes Installation window, it will be recommended you exit all programs, click "Next".

3)  In the Lotus Software Agreement panel, click "Yes".

4)  In the "Enter your Name" panel, enter your name and click "Next".

5)  In the Destination Folder panel, accept the default and click "Next".

6)  In the Type of Setup, assure "Notes Client" is selected and click "Next".

7)  In the Program Folders panel, accept the default in click "Next".

8)  After installation proceeds and the "Setup of Notes is Complete" is displayed, click "Finish".

At various points in this process a dialog box  "Execution Security Alert" might appear. As you are in the IBM environment, click the "Trust Signer" button to continue (you might have to do this several times for configuration to resume).

Configuring Lotus Notes

1)  Get your Lotus Notes ID file and place in your Notes folder (i.e. "C:\lotus\Notes\Data").

2)  Start Lotus Notes. (If another ID file exists in that directory, you might need to Cancel the popup and select your ID file).

3)  In the "Lotus Notes Client Configuration" "Setting Up Connections" dialog box, click "Next".

4)  In the "Do You Want to Connect to a Domino Server?" panel, select "I want to connect to a Domino server", and click "Next".

5)  In the "How Do You Want to Connect to a Domino Server?", select "Set up a connection to a local area network", and click "Next".

6)  In the "Domino Server Name" panel, enter the name of your server (i.e. "D03NM120/03/M/IBM"), then click "Next".

7)  In the "Who Are You?" panel, select "My Notes User ID has been supplied to me in a file", and click the "Browse" button.

8)  In the browse dialog box, scope to the ID file supplied by your manager/lead, select it and click "Open".

9)  Back in the "Who Are You" panel, click "Next".

10)  In the "Enter Password" dialog box, enter the password supplied to you and click "OK".

11)  The Lotus Notes Client Configuration dialog box should state your connection is now set up, click "Next".

12)  In the "Set Up an Internet Mail Account" option, select no and click "Next".

13)  In the "Connect to a News Server" option, select no and click "Next".

14)  In the "Connect to a Internet Directory Server" option, select no and click "Next".

15)  In the "Connect to a Proxy Server" option, select no and click "Next".

16)  In the "Internet  Connection Type", select "Connect over  LAN", and click "Next".

17)  In the "Congratulations" window, click "Finish".

18)  In the "Notes setup is complete!" popup, click "OK".

19)  In the "Welcome" window, double click the envelope icon to view your messages.

20)  Configure everything else as you like.


3)  From Notes, select "File" and click on "Open".

4)  In the "Open" dialog box, enter the Home Server Name as specified in the note you should have received from your manager/lead (.i.e. "D03NM120/03/M/IBM"), then press "Enter".

5)  After a few seconds (or months), the operation should fill in the "Database" section of the dialog box.  Scroll down to the database directory (i.e. "mail5", and double click on it.

6)  Scroll down to your name and select it, then click "Open" on the Open Database dialog box.

7)  Read your notes.