Pocket PC Wireless Connectivity

Checking Phone Connectivity to Internet

(This is normal connectivity to an ISP. Normally already setup on our devices. The following two sections are to connect to a WEA server outside the IBM firewall)

1) Tap "Start", and select "Settings", then tap the "Connections" tab, then tap the "Connections" icon.

2) For the top field, select the "Internet" setting, and click "Modify".

These settings are for a particular device, yours are probably different)

3) In the "Internet Settings" panel, tap the the "Express Network", the "Name of connection" enter a name (i.e. "Express Network"). In the "Select a modem" field, select "Cellular", and in the "Baud Rate" select "19200", then tap "Next". (or you could "Create a connection" with similar parameters)

4) In the "Express Network" panel, in the "Country Code" is 1, "Area Code" is "425", and the "Phone number" is "#777", then click "Finish".

5) Turn the wireless phone on by tapping the antenna icon at the top of the PPC display, then tap the option to turn phone on.

Wireless Connectivity To Internet

1) Tap "Start" "Settings" "Connections" and "Connections.

2) In the top field, select "Internet Settings" and tap "Connect". After the connection is made you should be able to browse Al Gore's Internet using Internet Explorer.

3) To connect to a WEA portal, enter the appropriate IP address/URL (i.e. "" or "http://weadev2.sandbox.ibm.com/wps/portal/" (both without WECM)

WebSphere Everyplace Communications Manager Configuration

1) Assure Mobility Client is present by tapping "Start" "Programs", and tap "IBM Mobility Client".

2) If there are no connections defined a "Create Connection" icon will appear. As we already have a connection created, tap that icon twice.

3) On the Connect panel, enter your UserID, Password, (leave Oganizational Unit blank), then tap "Connect". At this point you are connected through WECM to the IBM intranet, and can connect to any of the WEA Test Dept machines.