Installing WebSphere Application Server 5

Before installing WAS 5, prerequisite software includes "X11.fnt.ucs.ttf", "X11.fnt.ucs.ttf_CN", "X11.fnt.ucs.ttf_KR", and "X11.fnt.ucs.ttf_TW" available from "lpp_source" on the WEA Test NIM server. See Incremental AIX Software Fileset Installation for instructions on installing this fileset (installed using "lpp_source_gvt_aix513").

The WAS 5 software currently exists on the WEA Test Department Server in the directory "/WEA/inst.images/WAS.5" as a file "" (which was unzipped by the program "/WEA/tools/shayden/utilities/unzip"), and all files from the unzip are contained in the "/WEA/inst.images/WAS.5" directory.

1) From the "/WEA/inst.images/WAS.5" directory, run the "install" script (i.e. "./install"). After several seconds the "Installation Wizard" panel will appear querying you to select a language (the author selected "English"), then click "OK"

2) In the "Installation Wizard", read the warning, then click "Next".

3) In the "Software License Agreement" panel, click "Accept" then click "Next".

4) In the "Choose the setup type that best suits your needs", select "Full", then click "Next".

5) In the "Product features will be installed..." panel, for the "IBM WebSphere Application Server, Version 5" field, accept the default ("/usr/WebSphere/AppServer"). For the "IBM HTTP Server Version 1.3.26", also accept the default ("/usr/IBMHttpServer"), then click "Next" (Steve you changed the HTTP server location to "/usr/HTTPServer").

6) At this point pre-requisite checks are made and the results are displayed. Although there were statements reflecting License Agreements were not agreed to, proceed by clicking "Next".

7) In the next panel you had the option of choosing to install WAS and HTTP server ("Full"), or "Custom" to custom tailor your system. As I did not want to install the HTTP server, I chose "Custom".

8) In the "Select the features..." panel, deselected "Embedded Messaging" and the "IBM HTTP Server", then clicked "Next".

9) The next panel displays where WAS will be installed ("/usr/WebSphere/AppServer"), and how much space ("344MB"), click "Next".

10) In the "Enter the configuration information.." assure the path is right for the "httpd.conf" file ("/usr/HTTPServer/conf/httpd.conf"), then click "Next".

11) In the "Enter a node and host name..." panel, assure your node name and host name are correct, then click "Next".

12) The next panel displays what is to be installed, click "Next" (Steve it said it was installing the HTTP Server).

13)  In the next panel you can register your product if you wish, otherwise, de-select this option and click "Next".

14) In the next panel it will reflect the success of your installation, click "Finish".

15) Coincidental with this panel (or shortly after), the "First Steps" GUI will be displayed. Click "Start your Server" in the First Steps GUI.