Configuring for Admin Role for AIX

During the installation of WebSphere EveryPlace Access, when you are at the point you are installing the Portal Server, a popup "Configuring For Admin Role" will appear stating you must perform the following steps. Do so before proceeding (do not click "OK" in the Configuring for Admin Role popup until you perform these steps).

You must stop the external web server and restart the web server before you continue. With  AIX, from a AIX prompt as  root user, change directories to "/usr/HTTPServer/bin", and execute the command "apachectl stop", and then "apachectl start".

Setting the Admin Role

If you are performing a typical installation for the Portal Server and have not already set the Admin Role in WebSphere Application Server (WAS) for use with WebSphere Portal, perform the following steps.

1.   Verify that the Administration Server for WAS is started.  To determine if WebSphere Admin process is running invoke the command "ps -ef |grep Nanny", and assure the WebSphere Nanny process is running.
2.   Open the WebSphere Administrative Console for WAS.  Invoke the Administration Console by changing to directory "/usr/WebSphere/AppServer/bin" and invoking the command "./". After a few minutes the WebSphere Advanced Administrative Console GUI should appear.
3.   On the main menu, click Console and select Security Center.
4.   On the General tab, verify that the option "Enable Security" is selected.
5.   Click the Administrative Role tab.
6.   In the list of Roles, click the Admin Role and then click Select. The Select Users/Groups - Admin Role dialog is displayed.
7.   Click the option "Select users/groups", and then type * (the asterisk character) in the Search field.  Click Search to display a list of users and groups.
8.   In the list of Available Users/Groups, click the User "wpsadmin" and then click the Add button. Do the same to add the "wpsbind" user.
9.   Also in the "Select users/groups" window, click the group "wpsadmins", and then click the Add button.  click OK to add these values.  (Be sure that the domain suffix for wpsadmin and wpsadmins does not contain a blank character. A blank will cause the base portlet deployment to fail.).
10.  Back in the "Security Center" window, click "Apply".  In the "Warning" "Changes will not take effect until the application is restarted" popup, click the OK button.  Click the "OK" button to close the Security Center.
11.  In the WebSphere Advanced Administrative Console, scope down from "WebSphere Administrative Domain", to "Nodes", and select the machine you are on (i.e "wea2aix8"), right mouse click, and select "Regen Webserver Plugin".
12.  Close the WebSphere Advanced Administrative Console.

13.  Click the "OK" button on the Setup Manager to continue the install. SUM will automatically start the WAS.