WebSphere Everyplace Access Component Leads and CMVC Component

When assigning defects and you do not know what component the defect should be assigned to, use the "screening" component which Sherwood Yao reveiws daily (wpo_instcfg.wea.screen).

CMVC Component for WEA 4.3.1
WEA Component Team Lead Contact CMVC Release for Defects CMVC Component  for  Defects
WEA Core Michael D Facemire/Raleigh/IBM eas_r430 => eas_r431 ent.screen
     Portal Integration Bert Lamb/Raleigh/IBM eas_r430 => eas_r431 ent.portal
     Portlets Michael D Facemire/Raleigh/IBM eas_r430 => eas_r431 ent.portlets
     Offline Portal Caching Michael D Facemire/Raleigh/IBM eas_r430 => eas_r431 ent.offline
     SIA Bert Lamb/Durham/IBM ins_r123 wes_ins
     Core Installer Todd Pasley/Raleigh/IBM eas_r430=> eas_r431 ent.install
     Setup Manager Sherwood X Yao/Raleigh/IBM wea_r430 => wea_r431 wpo_instcfg
ESS Laurie Bader/Raleigh/IBM bluefishv3 => bluefish131 esm.screen
INS Chuck Proffer/Raleigh/IBM ins_r123 wes_ins
LAS Rick MF Wu/Taiwan/IBM las_r20 ent.las
DB2e Charlene Frazier/Raleigh/IBM eas_r430 => eas_r431 ent.db2e
TDM (DMS) Bob Dunyak (Prog Mtgt)
Matthew D Wright (Testing, etc.) 
Marcus L Belvin (Dev.) 
eas_r430 => eas_r431 ent.dms
InfoCenter DeAnna Steiner/Raleigh/IBM wea_i430   => wea_i431 wea_help
Everyplace Toolkit David Lection/Raleigh/IBM wea_r430  => wea_r431 ent.external
Portal Server Curtis Ebbs/Raleigh/IBM eas_r430  => eas_r431 ent.external
DB2 UDB Curtis Ebbs/Raleigh/IBM eas_r430 => eas_r431 ent.external
WAS Curtis Ebbs/Raleigh/IBM eas_r430 => eas_r431 ent.external
IHS Curtis Ebbs/Raleigh/IBM eas_r430 => eas_r431 ent.external
SWD Curtis Ebbs/Raleigh/IBM eas_r430 => eas_r431 ent.external
Everyplace Client Toshiharu Yamamoto/Raleigh/IBM bluemt3 => bluemt31 client_src
     Install Daijiro Kasa/Japan/IBM bluemt3 =>bluemt31 install_wince & install_palm
     GUI Katsuyuki Shiga/Japan/IBM bluemt3 =>bluemt31 wox
  Satoru Sawada/Japan/IBM   => bluemt31 wox_palm
     Palm SyncML Itsuroh Satoh/Japan/IBM bluemt3=> bluemt31 syncml_palm
     DB2e agents   katsuyuki Shiga/Japan/IBM bluemt3 => bluemt31 db2e_agents
     DMS agents katsuyuki Shiga/Japan/IBM bluemt3=> bluemt31 tivdms_agents
     J9/WME/SMF/Edgelets Joe Kubik/Austin/IBM bluemt3 => bluemt31 client.wesee
     Offline Portal Content Yasuhiro Honda/Japan/IBM bluemt3 => bluemt31 webcache_wince & webcache_palm
     Sametime Shin Nakagawa/Japan/IBM bluemt3 => bluemt31 stconnect_wince &  stconnect_palm
     Zaurus screening component Hiroshi Dohji/Japan/IBM  => bluemt31 client.zaurus


CMVC Component for WEA 4.30
         WEA Component           Team Lead/Contact    CMVC Release for Defects    CMVC Comp. for Defects
WEA Core  Michael D Facemire/Raleigh/IBM   eas_r430   ent.screen
    Portal Integration   Rusty Godwin/Raleigh/IBM  eas_r430   ent.portal
    Offline Portal Caching   Michael D Facemire/Raleigh/IBM   eas_r430   ent.offline
     SIA   Bert Lamb/Durham/IBM   ins_r22   wes_ins
     Core Installer  Todd Pasley/Raleigh/IBM  eas_r430  ent.install
     Setup Manager  Sherwood X Yao/Raleigh/IBM   wea_r430  wpo_instcfg
ESS  Laurie Bader/Raleigh/IBM  bluefishv3  esm.screen
INS  Chuck Proffer/Raleigh/IBM  ins_r22  wes_ins
LAS  Rick MF Wu/Taiwan/IBM  las_r10  ent.las
LAS related issues  Todd Pasley/Raleigh/IBM   las_r10  wpo_instcfg.las
TDM (DMS)  Bob Dunyak/Raleigh/IBM  eas_r430  ent.dms
Everyplace Client  Toshiharu Yamamoto/Raleigh/IBM   bluemt3  client_src
     Install  Daijiro Kasa/Japan/IBM  bluemt3  install_wince, install_palm
     GUI  Katsuyuki Shiga/Japan/IBM  bluemt3  wox
     Palm SyncML  Itsuroh Satoh/Japan/IBM  bluemt3  syncml_palm
     mNotes  Satoru Sawada/Japan/IBM  bluemt3  client.mnotes
     J9/WME/SMF/Edgelets  Joe Kubik/Austin/IBM  bluemt3  client.wesee
     Offline Portal Content  Yasuhiro Honda/Japan/IBM  bluemt3  webcache_wince
     Sametime  Shin Nakagawa/Japan/IBM  bluemt3  stconnect_wince, stconnect_palm
InfoCenter  DeAnna Steiner/Raleigh/IBM   wea_i430  wea_help
Everyplace Toolkit  David Lection/Raleigh/IBM  wea_r430  ent.external
Portal Server  Curtis Ebbs/Raleigh/IBM  eas_r430  ent.external
DB2 UDB  Curtis Ebbs/Raleigh/IBM  eas_r430  ent.external
WAS  Curtis Ebbs/Raleigh/IBM  eas_r430  ent.external
IHS  Curtis Ebbs/Raleigh/IBM  eas_r430  ent.external
SWD  Curtis Ebbs/Raleigh/IBM  eas_r430  ent.external
DB2e  Charlene Frazier/Raleigh/IBM  eas_r430  ent.db2e
DB2 everyplace related issues  Dan Zhong  eas_r430  wpo_instcfg.db2e

Component Name Owner Description
wps.base  Stefan Schmitt Base core support
wps.base.cache Thomas Klein Object caching
wps.base.config Marian Puhl Configuration Part of WPS
wps.base.container Stephan Hesmer Portletcontainer Part of WPS
wps.base.db David Faller WPS Database Layer
wps.base.framework Udo Bussmann PortalServer Framework component
wps.base.install Jeffrey R. Hoy Installation and Migration Part ofWPS
wps.base.platforms Werner Tod PortalServer platforms component (zOS iSeries
wps.base.platforms.iSeries Robert Holt Portal Server for iSeriescomponent
wps.base.security Ingo Schuster PortalServer security component
wps.base.webservices Peter Fischer PortalServer webservice component
wps.build Anke Luedde PortalServer build componnet
wps.design Carsten Leue Design Documentation and other design stuff
wps.l3 Thomas Boehme Entry Component for Defects to Level 3 (FromL2)
wps.portlets Stefan Schmitt -> John Boezeman PortalServer portletscomponent
wps.portlets.biz Tim Hanis General Business/Content/ISV Portlets
wps.portlets.biz Joseph Lu Notes/Quickplace/Sametime/Discovery ServerBusiness/Content Portlets
wps.portlets.adminportlets John Boezeman Admin Portlets
wps.pb Amber Roy-Chowdhury C2A/Property Broker
wpo_wtp Rashmi Patel WP Transcoding technology
wpo_wcp Greg Melahn WP Content Publisher
wpo_swd Derrick Ware Directory Server
wpo_sa Derrick Ware Site Analyzer
wpo_nls Mary Ann Dougherty NLS/TVT
wpo_instcfg CD Choi WP combined installation
wpo_help Michelle Wallace WP Online Help
wpo_docs Jennifer Heins WP Documentation


ESS Bluefishv3 Components
Component            Function
esm.adm   Administration
esm.dal.caf   Content Adapter Framework
esm.dal.dca   Domino Content Adapter      DominoR5 and DominoR6
esm.dal.eca   Exchange Content Adapter    Exchange2000
esm.db   ESS Database files
esm.doc   CAF Framework and classes    documentationproblems
esm.eca55   ESS Exchange 5.5 Content Adapter   Exchange5.5 defects
esm.inst  Install       Install defects
esm.screen   Sync server screen team    if youdon't know the component
esm.tss   True Sync Server
esm.ui   Sync server user interface    admin UIand syncUI defects (Portal GUI using browser)


Miscellaneous Components (perhaps listed above already)
WEA Components     CMVC ID Owner
wpo_instcfg.db2e               dzhong       Dan Zhong          DB2 everyplace related issues panel errors
wpo_instcfg.las                tcpasley     Todd Pasley        Location Awareness Server related issues
wpo_instcfg.dms                srfuller     Sarah Fuller
wpo_instcfg.ess                srfuller     Sarah Fuller
wpo_instcfg.ins                syao         Sherwood Yao
wpo_instcfg.wea                tcpasley     Todd Pasley
WPO pre-reqs
wpo_instcfg.uninstall          pcarroll     Paul Carroll
wpo_instcfg.db2                cdchoi       CD Choi
wpo_instcfg.ihs                cdchoi       CD Choi
wpo_instcfg.was                cdchoi       CD Choi
wpo_instcfg.wps                cdchoi       CD Choi
wpo_instcfg.wtp                cdchoi       CD Choi