WEA Logging Instructions

Offline Browsing Sync Tracing

Offline Browsing Sync Tracing

Turning On WebCache Tracing

1) In WAS Console, scope down to "WebSphere Administrative Domain", "Nodes", your machine (i.e. "mac03p"),and select "WEA Server".

2) Select the "Services" tab select the "Trace Service" service and click "Edit Properties".

3) In the "Trace Specification" popup dialog box, select the "[...]" icon.

4) In the "Trace" popup dialog box, scope down to "Components", "com", "ibm", "pvc", select "webcache", right mouse click, and select "All". Click "OK" in the "Trace" dialog box.

5) Back in the "Trace Service" dialog box, select the type of output you desire, i.e., for the "Trace Output File", select "Specify" and enter a filename (/tmp/Bruce.WebCache.log), then click "OK".