Installing Windows 2000 From CDs (and floppies)

These instructions describe the process of installing Windows 2000 Server from CD. In addition to the CD you must have 4 "Boot" floppies which contain software to recognize and load Windows 2000 from the CD.

1) Insert Floppy # 1 of 4 into your machine and reboot.

2) When instructed to do so, insert the next sequential floppy and press "Enter". This will repeat for floppy's 2-4.

3) After floppy # 4 completes you will be queried for whether you want to Install, Repair, or "Setup without Installing", press "Enter" to install.

4) The next panel will tell you to enter the CD (do so), and press "Enter".

5) For the License Agreement, accept by pressing "F8" (I agree).

6) In the "Windows 2000 Server Setup" panel, select the desired drive (probably "C"), and press "Enter".

7) The next panel gives you the option of disk format you wish, as NTFS is more compressed, choose to install as NTFS or convert ( as the author's machine was already FAT32, he chose "Convert the partition to NTFS"), then click "Next".

8) You will get a warning panel, press "C" to convert, then wait a minth.

9) After a few minutes your system will reboot and when it comes up, will perform the conversion. You will eventually get a Welcome screen, and your computer will continue to install devices, etc on your machine. Be patient and read the colorful propaganda.

10) The next panel allows you to change/select your Locale and Keyboard Layout, accept the defaults and click "Next".

11) In the next panel "Personalize your Software", follow the instructions (come on Steve!).

12) In the "Your Product Key" panel, enter your key (see CD), then click "Next".

13) In the "Licensing Mode" panel, accept the default (5) and click "Next".

14) In the "Computer Name and Password" panel, enter appropriate info and click "Next".

15) In the "Windows 2000 Components", (if you want, unselect "IIS"), then click "Next".

16) In the "Date and Time Settings", enter the appropriate info and click "Next".

17) In the "Network Settings" panel, wait for the network drivers to be installed and then click "Next".

18) In the "Network Settings" panel, select "Typical Settings", then click "Next".

19) In the "Workgroup or Computer Domain", select "No, this computer is not on a network,or is on a network without a domain....", then click "Next".

20) In the "Installing Components" panel, wait a while (until you are told), then wait for "Performing Final Tasks" panel,

21) In the "Completing the Windows 2000 Setup Wizard" panel, first remove all disks (CD's and floppies) and, click "Finish"

22) System will reboot, (got a boot Windows 2000, or "some unrecognized operatiing system" selection in the text screen, I waited and it booted 2000)

23) After reboot, the panel "Configure Your Windows 2000 Server" panel will be displayed. The author chose "Configure Later", and clicked "Next".