WEA Level 2 DMS Troubleshooting Guide

Troubleshooting DMS in WEA 4.30
What Happens When Devices Enroll
DMConsole login error

Troubleshooting DMS in WEA 4.30
(This section written by Matthew D Wright)

DMS Log Locations
Configuring Additional Tracing on the DM Server
Setting up a DM Console on a Remote Machine
Database Return Codes
Server Return Codes
Troublshooting Specific Cases

DM Console won't run on remote machine
1.  Try the DB2 Connect command from outside of the console..  i.e.   from a Windows prompt to see if the client is configured correctly on your laptop try to connect to the database.
2.  There are console installation steps in the "doc"..   that include the running of jdbc2.bat and copying the db2java.zip file, etc..  these should be followed.
3.   There are logs in the dmconsole/logs directory.  There could be useful information in there, so pass them on to me if there is still a problem.

DMS Log Locations

Configuring Additional Tracing on the DM Server

Setting up a DM Console on a Remote Machine

Database Return Codes

RC Description
----- -----------
0 Database installation was successful
100 General Error
101 User aborted install
102 Database install was not run as 'root'
103 Database home is the same location as database files
104     CreateUR${ENGINE}.ksh script is not executable
105     CreateLV${ENGINE}.ksh script is not executable
106     CreateDB${ENGINE}.ksh script is not executable
107     CreateTB${ENGINE}.ksh script is not executable
108     Database already exists and force was not 'Y'
109     DB2: <admin/instance> group id specified does not exist
110     DB2: <fence> group id specified does not exist
111     DB2: <admin server> group id specified does not exist
112     <admin/instance> id specified does not exist
113     DB2: <fence> id specified does not exist
114     DB2: <admin server> id specified does not exist
115     DMS DB Admin id specified does not exist
116     DMS DB User id specified does not exist
117     <admin/instance> id not usable (possibly missing a .profile file)
118     DMS DB Admin id not usable (possibly missing a .profile file)
119     DMS DB User id not usable (possibly missing a .profile file)
120     Oracle: dba gruop should be created during Oracle install
121     Oracle: DBFILES does not have a leading '/'
122     Oracle: not enough free disk space
123     Missing parameter for database type
124     Invalid parameter for database type
125     Invalid command line parameter
130 Host variable is empty.  Unable to configure part of DMS Database.  Check local 'hostname' utility.
200     DB2 Installation was not found or is invalid
201     Incomplete DB schema installation
202     'file system is full' detected.  Unable to create DB tablespace.

Server Return Codes

RC Description
----- -----------
0 Server installation was successful
1       Invalid or no server configuration script argument was provided
2       installing as non 'root' user (UNIX only)
3       Usage error: invalid arguments
10      DB installation was not found or is invalid
11      WAS installation was not found or is invalid
12      The provided IHS Home directory (WebSrvHomeDir) does not exist
13      The provided JDBC Driver (JDBCDriver) file does not exist
14      The provided LCF Dat Directory (LCF_DATDIR) does not exist
15      The provided LCF Lib Directory (LCF_LIBDIR) does not exist
100     Could not create directory structure for Application Server Started check
101     WebSphere Application Server (TM) is not running or is misconfigured
102     Invalid 3-Letter OS Name being used by installer
103     Could not create the specified server product home directory
200     Exception configuring DM plugins
201     Error configuring DM plugins
210     Invalid LCF installation detected
220     Unsuccessful WAS Configuration
230     Exception caught installing default product components
231     Failure to install one or more components
300     Problem during 'Cancel' of install
301     Problem during 'Interactive' install: PreInstall
302     Problem during 'Interactive' install: FileSet
303     Problem during 'Interactive' install: PostInstall
311     Problem during 'Silent' install: PreInstall
312     Problem during 'Silent' install: FileSet
313     Problem during 'Silent' install: PostInstall

Troubleshooting Specific Cases

· Problem:  You get a ‘login failed:  invalid username or password’ message when you try and login to the DM Console.
o Solution:  Check that the user ID you are attempting to login to the console with has been added to the dmadmins group in WPS.
· Problem:  You get several .properties not found exceptions when trying to login to the console.
o This is most likely related to the DMS_AppServer servlet not starting up properly.  You need to check the DMS_stdout.log and DMS_stderr.log files to determine what the problem is.  Also verify that IHS is started, that your database and WAS are up and running, and that the box can be pinged from other machines.  Please note – just because the DMS_AppServer servlet shows up with the green arrow in WAS does NOT necessarily mean it has started successfully.  Check your logs for errors regardless of the situation.
· Problem:  You get a message in the DMS_stdout.log that the libocijdbc9.so file was not found in your path.
o Find out where the libocijdbc9.so file is actually located on your machine.  Edit your startupServer.sh file in the <WAS_HOME>/bin directory and put the location in the LIBPATH and LD_LIBRARY_PATH.  Then shut down WAS and restart it using your updated startupServer.sh script.
· Problem:  You get a ‘no protocol found’ exception in your DMS_stdout.log when starting up the DMS_AppServer servlet.
o You have most likely edited the web.xml file with the authProxyUrl parameter.  Make sure the proxy address you put here is preceded by ‘http://’.  Putting just the server name will not work.
· Problem:  Your install hangs for a very long period of time with no error messages in the creDBdms.log or creTBdms.log files, or there is an error in the dbassist.out log file.
o Make sure you have disabled access control on the local machine.  You can do this simply by typing ‘xhost +’ from your root pr

What Happens When Devices Enroll

I think there is a misunderstanding of  what happens when devices enroll (which is not surprising because it's  complicated stuff).  I'll try to explain it as simply as I can. 

(1)  A device connects for the first  time
(2)  The DM Server makes a  list of all enrollment jobs, sorted 1st by priority and 2nd by submission   date
(3)  The DM Server looks to  see if the top job is an Inventory Collection job.  Only in the case   where the top job is an Inventory Collection job does that job get run   immediately (thus filling the database with inventory data for the device).   
(4)  The job targeting  queries are evaluated for all the rest of the jobs to see which jobs  apply to the device
(5)  The jobs  run on the device

I believe that in  the customer's scenario, the Inventory Collection job is not the top job in  the list and therefore the database contains no inventory data for the device  when the job targeting query of the Software Distribution job is evaluated.   Thus the query criteria is not met, so the job does not run.  

We could verify my assessment of the  problem by asking the customer to give us the list of all the jobs, with this  information for each job: priority, submission date, expiration date, job   type, whether the job is an enrollment job or not. 

DMConsole Login Error

If a DMConsole error occurs please answer the following questions:

1. Was DMConsole reinstalled after the installation of WEA Fix Pack 5?
2. Is there more than one shortcut for DMConsole on the desktop? 
3. Can you start the DMConsole from Start/Programs/DMConsole/ and login properly?
3. Can you verify that the user is still a member of the dmadmins group in the Portal?

Also confirm the WAS Certificate eFix, necessary after Jan 15,2004, is installed.
Here is the URL to the fix, and the instructions to install:


If the problem persists after checking all these items, please send the UserServices.log from the DMConsole directory, and identify the user trying to login.