WEA L2 DSB PPC2003 Discussion

DSB (Danish Railways) has plans to ramp up to 1300 users performing DMS and DB2e syncs. In the future DSB intends to use ESS and other WEA components. This teleconference is IBM internal only, and is in preparation for discussions with DSB on PPC2003 (to be held 2/13/04). This is our (perhaps only) chance to make recommendation to DSB as to what devices/characteristics they should order, and any other associated considerations for their deployment.

Device Support Sites/Web Pages
Topics To Discuss

Topics To Discuss (but not limited to):

Note: numbered blue bullets were questions tabled,  responses/discussions follow each question.

1) Initial PPC 2003 is only downloadable via PC/ActiveSync?
Schedule for DMS downloadable to be available 2/27 (may slip)

Availablility of devices has prevented meeting this date. There is no new date yet.  

Devices supported?
There was discussion/confusion regarding when/what IBM will say about support for devices..
From Darren Childress: " The 2/27 will support the Ipaq 555x, Ipaq 221x, Ipaq 193x, and hopefully the Dell Axim X3 and Toshiba e405."
"Some have WI/FI and Bluetooth,  and all support ethernet".

Right now the 5550 is supported on FP4/FP5. We shoud steer DSB toward the IPAC.

2) When will code be available (For DSB use)?

Our statement should be "Second week in March". Bo Pedersen stated this should not be a problem for DSB and is to confirm.

DSB expressed interest in going from PPC2002 to PPC2003, what is the data migration path. Is this IBM's responsibility?
Do we have a specification/requirement from DSB relative to this requirement (Bo Pedersen to discusss with customer)

3) Date we could/should provide PPC2003 S/W to them (GA, what functionality will be available when, etc.),

2/27 (see above items 1 & 2) This is an "interim" release. Contained to NLS testing, beef up the Palm client, cleanup, and meet customer
expectations. Currently doing double byte testing.)

4) Any limitations/considerations of PPC2003,

Only qualifying "professional edition" Windows CE, not qualifying any phone additions

5) How should DSB get and install SW on devices (they have custom applications),

Should be same as PPC2002

6) DSB expressed interest in "eLinix" devices.

Sharp 2003 not on the list right now.

Bo Pedersen to get more clarification on DSB's desire for Linix devices.

7) PPC2002 fixes created for DSB will need to be applied to PPC2003

Now have merged code base

8) What devices do we recommend?

PPC5550 (Preferred) or 2210

Additional Discussion

John Brantly stated there are "Lots of PMRs", and a centralized and prioritized list of WEA Client PMRs being created and discussed. Scott Demsky is driving, Lee Griffin will eventually be driving this.

Device Support Sites/Web Pages

WebSite With WEA "Device support and qualification", "Matrix presented at eBU"
(does not include what is coming up)

Web doc from PVCID (internal only)


Barry Beggs/Raleigh/IBM@IBMUS, Darren Childress/Raleigh/IBM@IBMUS, Joanna A Maxham/Raleigh/IBM@IBMUS, John Brantly/Boca Raton/IBM@IBMUS, Ray Kuss/Durham/IBM@IBMUS, Roberto De Armas/Boca Raton/Contr/IBM@IBMUS, Toby Maners/West Palm Beach/IBM@IBMUS , Derrick M Weaver/Durham/IBM@IBMUS, Lee Griffin/Raleigh/IBM@IBMUS, Ronald Hale/Raleigh/IBM@IBMUS, Steve Woodward/West Palm Beach/IBM@IBMUS


Derrick M Weaver/Durham/IBM@IBMUS, Lee Griffin/Raleigh/IBM@IBMUS, Ronald Hale/Raleigh/IBM@IBMUS, Steve Woodward/West Palm Beach/IBM@IBMUS


Steve Hayden
Bo Holtemann
Darren Childress
Ray Kuss
Bo Pedersen
Roberto De Armas
John Brantly
Bill Siddall