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PMRs Currently Working (Non DSB)

PMRS I Asked Others To Research
Closed PMRS
Work To Do

To Dos on PMRS:
Unicco - Is Grant working the PMR about  DM enroll not working (I tried with mine and Grant's PPC with no failures)

Prod Bo to get DSB to test fixes supplied.
Get 20029 back in Portal team's queue (after confirmation that DSB has the latest and is using such)
Need to review process for wms.jar to customers.
Steve needs to review and use Express Updater Portlet and then provide to DSB by 4/28/04
Bo, Danish chars on WAS/WPO. Bo "WAS will support, WPO will not." (preferred language setting in portal Stefan).
Need to get traces for DLL (as of 4/13/04, no devices have failed to test this with)

Need to followup with Bruce/Jay regarding DSB/IBM performance rampup.

1) Groom Metlife to create PMRs, not send emails!
2) 03662,999,000 has not reoccurred, can we close? (will continue to work performance issues with PMR 13252,999,000)
(Send a note to Tony requesting turning on dominica tracing?)
3) 13252,999,000 had 2 teleconfs 4/13/04. Need to update PMR with results.
4) 20990,999,000 WEA 4.3 Calendar portlet will not allow the user to invite other people to a meeting. (will discuss with Facemire 4/14/04)   
5) 20067,999,000  "Collocation" question PMR

Need to discuss separating PMRs Performance vs "unavailable".
Need to talk to Bruce about the "performance PMR" and what role PVC/WEA Performance team should play.
Meet with Facemire about troubleshooting and analysis of the above.

State Farm
18462,999,000 "the cancel hang" and associated APAR IY5542. Sent note to Doug and Dave regarding this PMR (customer could not recreate with efix applied). Have additional issue "client doesnt create default route" which should be a new PMR.

Ask Bruce Morris about Curtis Hrischuk and Metlife performance PMR.

PMRs Currently Working (Non DSB)

Severity 1's

 (Metlife) The IIOP calendar portlet is not able to be edited
Contacted WEA Dev (MFacemire) who has logged onto customer machine and fixed problem. MFacemire sent me the offical fix and doc. Docs were wrong (points to APAR IY10074 ). Need to create APAR but as Mike has already created code, has also created defect (82085). Need to create APAR without autocreate of defect. Once the docs are fixed I will send to customer to install and test official fix.                             

APAR to be created
Customers can install the iiop Lotus Notes Calendar portlet on
an isolated page within WEA.  The calendar portlet is not able
to be edited, despite its ACL's being correct.  When you  click
on the pencil, message states the Portlet is unavailable.  
"Ron we need an APAR" Keith does formalism

3/19/04 Sent logs to Facemire, and requested customer (Louri Borg and Tony Arroyo) to continue testing in an attempt to get the portlet "unavailable" result again.

Severity 2's

PMR 57305,756,000  Anniversaries are not synchronized properly              
Lotus Notes 5.0.11, Palm Tungsten/T.  From Server to Tungsten, not synced at all. From Tungsten to Server,  anniversary is displayed as an appointment in Notes. Need to research whether this is a known problem. (Spoke to Tim Nichols who is to gave me APAR # PQ84733 for this issue as known restriction and associated/subscribed PMR to APAR


Spoke to Dan Ortiz. He says the only PMR that is still outstanding is 94753,999,000.

Sent note to Dan Ortiz about Metlife PMRs. (3/4/04):
CloseD - PMR 94753,999,000 (Request for new IIOP portlets)
CloseD - Fix Provided by Pam O'Connor - PMR 90705,999,000 (Problem in regards to WS EP,  same time has been installed on the 30300. Connects
correctly to Sametime but only part of the distribution list are retrieved).
CloseD Per our conversation - PMR 03662,999,000 (Lotus Notes IIOP Calendar Portlet). Mike Facemire and team logged into
customer's machine and fixed problem.
APAR Created for this PMR - PMR 90700,999,000  (Palm issue, upon sync, user prompted to "use high speed internet connection".
This message happens each time the user syncs ").
CloseD - PMR 92381,999,000 (Customer needs to receive support from PVC to successfully get the Sametime.war
and the inotes2.war to work for the Metlife POC.).

Sent note to Dan Ortiz about Metlife PMR (3/9/04)
APAR Created for this PMR - PMR 90700,999,000  (Palm issue, upon sync, user prompted to "use high speed internet connection".
This message happens each time the user syncs ").  Pam OConner sent fix  (APAR PQ84756) on 2/13/04.
"Did this cure customer problem and can we close? ". Sent 3 FUP notes. Spoke to Dan 3/19/04 and he has sent APAR to customer again and requested FUP.

Outstanding PMRs
13252,999,000  IIOP Calender and Notebook portlets intermittently "unavailable" and performing poorly.



PMR 20029,060,678   Have fix from Portal team. Sent to DSB. Create APAR/Defect? 1000+ users WEA/DB2e/DMS
(no apar) Steve get with derrick
PMR 02831,060,678   Danish Chars in PW  Feature busted. Need to delete APAR since this is a feature request. Who monitor's FR?
Ron to cancel APAR.
PMR 02886,060,678   Documentation of Express Updater Portlet
PMR 02871,060,678   wms.jar (now we have a new one for 1000+ users)

PMR 02905,060,678   Need to send official fix that M Facemire sent.
Keith frost   Ron Hale  Apar to create defect already created. make sure compid is correct.
PMR 02940,060,678   New DMS reports fix, need APAR and coordinate with other DMS PMR
9400 compid.  (Send ron a note)
PMR 02792,060,678    Barry Beggs "official fix" and docs

PMR 02938,060,678    DSB  Performance Driver

Closed PMRS

PMR 42289,4999,000  Customer Needed WECM Client
Sent url. customer is to get client and if no complaints by EOD then close. Format Insert 0034

PMR 04048,999,000   WECM MTU size setting not working on client
Sent note requesting logs. Need to look for/at them. Jason said I should get an arttrace (customer should know how, and there are instructions in the documentation) to see why the setting on the server is not getting down to the client. If this is on a windows system, you can right-click on the icon in the lower right of the windows screen & there will be tracing options. You will want to enable full tracing & turn buffering off.  brian may be able to tell you more, esp after getting the trace.  Talked to customer  who had worked with Peter Volkmier(sp?) and had changed MTU Size on server side and it worked. Send info on how to submit an Feature request and close PMR. PreSales Format Insert 0034.

Work To Do

Tim - SONY ERICSSON DEVICE P900 "Permanent restrictions"? (Metlife - sent to yammer/Toshi). How can you tell if /when we missed a PMR. (Ron gives us a list of them)
CLD reviews for DMS/DB2e
DSB says to close PMR 20029, PMR02791, PMR02793 and PMR02940
How to tell if PMRs in PVCPAS need to be included on morning status e-mail.
Derrick: Is Derrick's entry in L2 DB for sev correct?
Dan Ortiz  (is Metlife serious bout the treo 300?   What is disposition of PMR PMR 90700,999,000? can we reduce severity to 2 as customer has efix?
Rons Issues:
Updater Portlet, (see issues sent to Lee Griffin)  DOC APAR!
PMR 57305,756,000 tell customer "PQ84733" APAR exists for this problem,  scheduled  for 3/31. Also, update PMR.

***Setup my WEA environment.
*****Distributed install certification.
Learn WECM
Learn WES?
Reading the Tivioli process web page.
PMR/Performance/Rampup at DSB
Learn what's in our databases
Clean up attachments/archive (mailbox getting full).
DMS dumb L1/L2 triage questions
DB2e dumb L1/L2 triage questions
ATT Calling card Perry Mason   1800-458-9409  x 74564

Deanna Steiner  Search engine - and look under How to . . . Add Search

Tim Nichols    you now are the proud owner of shayden id on pvcexch and pvcex55 ;-)

Install WEA on ewok
Install WEA on id10t
WSAD 5.0 from Gary Deen
Place CCWin dat files (
C:\CallCenter\StevesDats) and example (C:\Program Files\IBM\Personal Communications\private) on some serve
CMVC access to 65517  WOX IDF/PW issue
List of component owners(i.e. Tivilo, DB2e (with contact info) and Retain Queues for L2 Domino servers
Machine/Account (admin, domino/exchange admin, etc. ID/PW's)
Tim (APAR "React" vs "Fix Test"), and what does "Close" in APAR dialog box do
Build AD Server like DSB
Build WEA Server like DSB
Doug Nadel T-526-2339  Has VM DB from Retain that Bruce Morris spoke about.

Hong Li (worked with in Charlotte)- Solutions Integration dept. looking for dev.
Request an 802.1x (EAP_TLS) Wireless Client  ID
PKI Digital Certificate if not Click HERE 

Jeff B  T-resitical, Plowing at gulf
Get full appraisal docs
CPL put a lock up at gulf
Buy Stocks


Making a fool out of myself (and IBM and associated customer satisfaction hit) asking stupid/niave questions about a product I dont have a clue about.

SME's should do the above