WEA Level 2 WECM Troubleshooting Guide

General Notes About WECM
Logs Created
Turn On Tracing At Device
Obtaining WECM Clients

1)  Please issue the 'lswg -V |more'  command and give me the build date
which appears on the second or third line of output.

Build Date: Mar  8 2004 / 22:19:47
Build Type: FIXTEST
Apars:      IY53864, IY53648, IY53479, IY53633, IY53785, IY54209
IY54193, IY53913

2)  What is the device type you have the Mobility Client installed on?
What Pocket PC 2003 device is this?
OS : Windows Mobile 2003 (HP h2210 model)
Pocket PC 2003

General Notes About WECM

Gatekeeper is administrative interface (Create resources, create connection, creating mnc, mni, etc)

Client runs on the mobile device

Server (Access Manager (Gate keeper connects to)  and Wireless Gateway (client connect to))

Logs Created

Gatekeeper issues:  wgmgrd.log   /var/adm
Client issues:   arttrace.txt   (on the PC client. Right click on client icon which looks like an antenna, a)
Server issues:  wg.log      /var/adm
Connection issues:  arttrace.txt and wg.log

Turn On Tracing At Device

To get an arttrace (customer should know how, and there are instructions in the documentation) to see why the setting on the server is not getting down to the client. If this is on a windows system, you can right-click on the icon in the lower right of the windows screen & there will be tracing options. You will want to enable full tracing & turn buffering off.

Obtaining WECM Clients

Latest clients can be found on WECM support site, depending upon which version the customer is running.  (pw=pvcwecm5)

Our support site is:  "http://www-306.ibm.com/software/pervasive/ws_everyplace_connection_manager/support/"