Steve Hayden's Experience

This page is a listing of noteworthy projects and activities I have lead or been involved with during my long career. Please direct any questions to

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I am a seasoned technologist with diverse experience in various technologies as well have had the privilege of being an Academia-Industry liaison for several global companies throughout my career. I will include later in this correspondence links
to notable activities I have been involved with as well as 2 separate resumes, one describing the Academia-Industry liaison work as well as another that includes my work a more "conventional" technologist. I have been monitoring the various NIST/etc. website's career/position's postings but practically all require Phd's or other advanced degrees, however I possess an Associates Degree (1976) from a small community college in my hometown in southwest Virginia. My level of education has never been an impediment to my gaining and keeping employment working alongside every type of degree possessed by fellow employees or academic faculty/staff/students.

I am eager to be involved in the CHIPS effort, and am convinced my education and career provides me with "the right stuff"
to be a valuable contributor to the effort, and this correspondence is to request any assistance and guidance that might
be offered to continue with my passion being liaision between academia/industry and industry/industry (as well as government
and standards bodies).

I reside in the Research Triangle Park, NC area, within 30-40 minutes of several local universities and am in a prime
location to engage at those universities as well as others.

The following is the web page for


• Futuring         • Strategic Planning         • Emerging Technology Implementation and Transfer         • Software Engineering         • Knowledge Engineering         • Systems Analysis        • Project planning/monitoring/management         • Electronic Commerce        • Process Engineering         • Artificial Intelligence         • Digital Transformation


Academia/Industry liaison providing coordination and guidance in funding for research and development and miscellaneous engineering activities (Nortel, BNR, IBM, EMC/Dell, GSK)

Visiting Research Scientist at Vanderbil University's Center for Intelligent Systems for AI in manufacturing test expert system

Organizing conferences/sympsium/workshops (Artificial Intelligence, Knowledge Engineering, Expert Systems)  and other conference/symposium organization

Virtual Reality consulting (developed proof of cnocepts and business casess for development of VR applications)

Process development and knowledge transfer (hardware, firmware, software development environments, strategic planning, Agile, business/engineering, development environment Chat bot, Agile Scrum Master)

Performed large scale Digital electronics simulation (chip and board level)

Writing yield management software applications (X2)

Concieved, developed and provided consultation for data driving electronics manufacturing with CAD/CAE data

Implementing automated material movement processes

Consultant for design, layout and implementation of advanced manufacturing and test factory/facilities

Lead effort to research and implement bar code labeling and tracking in high volume electronics manufacturing facility

Lead effort to research and implement static measures/technologies in electronics manufacturing

Lead effort to implement enhanced grounding technologies in electronics manufacturing/test.

Lead for Design for Test/Manufacturing for ASICS/board/systems testing of complex telecommunications systems

Lead for telecommunications R&D subsidiary organization researching emerging technologies and methodologies for telecomunications R&D in academia, industry, government, and standards bodies.

Architect and developer of multiple web server/sites.

Management of technological innovation

Project lead for development of idea capture,  managment, and disposition applications (at Nortel and IBM)

eCommerce (Banking, interoperabillity, server architecture, expert systems (Sapiens), mobility) including 3rd party Software integration

Developed applications for automatic creation of ISO's, VM's, API's (DevSecOps)

Experience with Converged Infrastructure and Cloud, including development of licensing and administration server/applications.

Organizational Effectiveness and change

Social media interoperability (Nextplane Teams-Slack, Teams-Skype, Teams-Workplace,

Responsible for global deployment of multi-modal factory/process anomaly alerting systems (Win911) in pharmaceutical manufacturing

Collaoration technologies (Global technology monitoring and Decision Support Systems)

Experience testing and troubleshooting computer electronics in manufacturing/production, designed automatic test equipment and programs for testing computerized telephony electronics