Steve Hayden

New Hill, NC 27562                                                                                   919.225.4622



Innovative, creative, results-driven organizational change agent with significant experience in the initiation and maintenance of relationships between industry-academia and industry-industry. Skilled in knowledge and technology transfer, including strategic planning, requirements/knowledge acquisition, resource identification, relationship building, project planning/monitoring, and qualification of deliverables provided from research activities. Strong verbal and written communications skills with proven track record of improving organizational effectiveness and productivity.


Comfortable with and capable of communicating with all organizational and technical-knowledge levels and delivering technical presentations to any size audience. Adept at facilitating teams to consensus. Passionately embrace and love to learn new and emerging technology and share knowledge.



• Futuring                                                                                 • Strategic Planning                       

• Emerging Technology Implementation and Transfer            • Software Engineering

• Knowledge Engineering                                                        • Systems Analysis

• Project Management                                                              • Electronic Commerce

• Process Engineering                                                               • Artificial Intelligence





GSK, RTP, NC                                                                                                                      2018-2022

Principal Collaboration Engineer

·        Was change agent and educational resource for adoption, implementation, and on-going usage of Agile methodologies in GSK's Global Core Technologies department and other parts of the company.

·        Created and documented process for building a development environment for an IBM Watson based application for GSK’s Core Technologies Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Department for use by new developers to enhance and maintain an “Employee IT Support” chatbot for use throughout GSK’s global operations.

·        Principal Integration Engineer for eDiscovery in Workplace data retention and preservation application performing project management, requirements capture and working with 3rd party development organization (PWC) including engineering, implementation and test of this Azure Cloud based solution.

·        Provided engineering, configuration and administrative support for implementation of Nextplane technology which provides interoperability between Slack and Microsoft Teams collaboration products allowing GSK and 23andMe to collaborate using technologies of choice.

·        Provided engineering, configuration and administrative support for implementation of Slack for GSK AI/ML and Software Engineering teams allowing use of that product as their technology of choice for IM/collaboration.

·        Developed Javascript/NodeJS Smart Room Utilization Application (SRUA) which monitored Cisco Smart Room utilization that automatically generated reports used for making business decisions regarding spending/distribution of 700+ SR's in GSK locations around the globe.

·        Created WIN-911 POC/MVA installation/config and associated engineering of GSK manufacturing sites implementation of WIN-911 (communications alerting technology) which was to address security/compliance audit issues discovered at various sites to be used as a model for implementation of that technology at multiple manufacturing sites globally.

·        Responsible for making recommendations to Core Technology (formerly Platforms Technology) Leadership Team on university and community relations for that organization.



EASI/Cisco                                                                                                                            2016-2017

Senior Software Development Engineer - designed and developed features for Ruby/RoR-based Cisco Smart Software Licensing application which Cisco customers use to perform smart licensing registration for Cisco products. Created RESTful APIs to communicate with other components and technologies as required.


VCE/EMC/Dell, Durham, NC                                                                                                   2014-2015

Liaison between VCE and EMC’s CTO External Relations organization and associated local universities and associations. Liaison between VCE and the North Carolina Technology Association (NCTA). Senior Software Engineer and Agile scrum master including software architecture/design, development, and test of Ruby/Ruby on Rails applications for demonstrating VCE cloud product capabilities.


TSG/CTG/Aerotek, RTP, NC                                                                                      2010-2014

Consultant at Raytheon performing research and development of Raytheon JPS Communications interoperability products.

Consultant at IBM performing research and development of systems administration applications for IBM’s cloud offerings.

Consultant in Advance Auto CTO’s organization responsible for architecture, software design, development, and test of J2EE and web services applications for providing automotive parts information to Carquest stores as well as other customer/external system’s access to those web services.


IBM, RTP, NC                                                                                                            2002-2009

Advisory Software Engineer (University Relations Advisor).

=> Board member of IBM’s RTP's Center for Advanced Studies “Advisory Board” that determines which research projects/activities IBM RTP funded at US universities. Fostered technology transfer of “Virtual Computing Laboratory” technology from local universities into IBM RTP operations. Acted as liaison to university personnel and mentored graduate students and interns/co-ops as required.

=> Application Development Project Lead and scrum master for team developing J2EE web applications resulting in improvements in product support team’s organizational productivity (increased customer satisfaction, reduced overall time to customer problem resolution).


Analysts International Corporation/IBM                                                                  1996 – 2000

Systems Consultant

=> Co-architect for the original Dallas Cowboys web site which allowed fans to order Cowboys paraphernalia on-line. Site employed Quicktime VR as well as other state of the art web and associated technologies.

=> Developed J2EE electronic banking applications performing architecture, software development and customer support. Architect and team lead for IBM WebSphere Application Server based products. Trained/mentored staff members in architecture, software engineering, application development, test engineering, systems administration, and agile methodology.



BNR, Inc (Nortel’s Research and Development Subsidiary)                                        1987 - 1996 

Member of Scientific Staff


Virtual Reality Consultant

=>  Coordinated program exploring the usage and feasibility of virtual and immersive environments in Nortel R&D and manufacturing. Developed proof of concept VR systems and created business cases justifying implementation of those systems for Nortel/BNR executives.


University Interactions Program Coordinator

=>  At NCSU’s Integrated Manufacturing Systems Engineering Institute, provided research direction as well as participated as industry subject matter expert providing domain knowledge to faculty and students in various research projects.

=> Created organization and process for assessing emerging knowledge and technology for potential transfer from universities, government labs, other industries, and standard bodies at BNR to incorporate emerging technologies and methodologies into BNR processes and products.

=> Realized and published white paper on need for Strategic Plan for lab, created strategy planning process, including futuring and scenario development, resulting in the creation of strategic plan for 1500+ person lab.

=> Conceived and created process for new idea capture and analysis and was Project Manager/Team Lead in development of this application, resulting in application/database used by lab for capturing and storing product and process ideas (this was patented after I left BNR/Nortel).

=> Liaison to Motorola Corporation’s Center for Emerging Computing Technologies to enable technology and knowledge transfer between Nortel/BNR and Motorola.


Nortel (Corporate) Telecommunications Industry                                                       1979 - 1986

University Interactions Program Advisor

=> “Visiting Research Scientist” and Knowledge Engineer for joint Nortel/Vanderbilt University Artificial Intelligence research project to develop AI based expert systems for use in Nortel manufacturing test process, which performed better than human technician when troubleshooting electronics product.

=> Liaison to Hewlett Packard Corporation’s Artificial Intelligence Laboratory to enable technology and knowledge transfer between Nortel/BNR and HP. Coordinated beta and acceptance testing of initial versions of HP UX and HP’s implementation of Common Lisp on that platform.


=> Industry Fellow - Subject matter expert (Software Engineering, Test Engineering, Manufacturing Engineering, Computer Integrated Manufacturing) advising university faculty and students on Nortel’s electronic products design and manufacturing processes.



Languages / Environments

Ruby / Ruby on Rails (RoR), Java / J2EE / JEE, (and other legacy languages)

Operating Systems

Linux, UNIX, AIX, Windows (all versions), Solaris



Development Environments

Eclipse, Rational Application Developer (RAD)


DB2, Oracle, MySQL, Derby / Cloudscape, Postgres, MongoDB and others

Additional Technologies

Web / RESTful Services, servlets, portlets, JSPs, ERBs, SQL, HTML, XML, JSON, JavaScript, misc. JEE application servers, and misc. automated testing technologies; Misc. code/documentation & defect repository/tracking experience including; GIT, CVS, SVN, Jira, Rally, & other proprietary code & defect tracking systems



Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (87’ through present)

Associate for Computing Machinery (88’ through present)

World Future Society (92-present)



IBM Certified eBusiness Solutions Technologist

Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe)


PATENT – Publication Number: 20090259674

Aggregating Information Sources for Updating User Calendar and Notifying User of Change.





• Vanderbilt University, Center for Intelligent Systems - (Visiting Research Scientist/Knowledge Engineer, Artificial Intelligence in Computer Integrated Manufacturing Research Project, 1984-1986)

• NCSU Integrated Manufacturing Systems Engineering Institute - (Technical Monitor and consultant to faculty and students, 1985-1996)

• NCSU Industrial Extension Service - (Consultant/Knowledge Engineer for Printed Circuit Board Design Merit Rating System)

• NCSU Undergraduate Design Center - (Sponsor for student research projects, 1989-1996)

• NCSU National Science Foundation Project on Constraint Networks Research - (Applications Consultant/Knowledge Engineer for Design for Testability and Design for Manufacturability Research Projects)

• Microelectronic Center of North Carolina/North Carolina Supercomputer Center - (Liaison between NT/BNR and MCNC/NCSC, 1985-1996)

• Research Triangle Scientist Teacher Partnership - (Volunteer Scientist, 1991-1997)

• Wake Education Partnership Technology Advisory Task Force - (Volunteer in task force to make recommendations to Wake County School Systems regarding the use of technology in the classroom, 1994-1995)




• North Carolina Artificial Intelligence Symposium - (Organizing Committee and Technical Session Leader, 1989-1993)

• North Carolina Technology Association - (Organizing Committee and Educational Program Committee 1993, Knowledge Workforce Council, 2009-2013)

• Triangle Area Neural Network Society - (Organizing Committee and Membership Chair, 1990-1996)

• EL-TECH Symposium and Exhibition - (Organizing Committee and Technical Session Chair, 1988)

• Emerging Technologies Assessment/Analysis Organization - (BNR, Inc. - prime for "Technology Watch" program, 1992-1996)

• Triangle Virtual Reality Special Interest Group - (Organizing Committee, 1993-1996)

• Vanderbilt University's International Workshop on Programming Environments for   Intelligent Systems - (Conference Co-Chair, Technical Session Leader, 1985)

• North Carolina Telecommuting Association - (Organizing Committee – 1993-1994)