Vocation: Information Technology Consultant/Engineer
Avocation: Chaos Engineer (Agent of Change)

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IBM, Inc. 02/2006 – 02/2009 - Advisory Software Engineer and Member of IBM’s Center for Advanced Studies (CAS) Advisory Board


Architect and lead designer and developer for Java web based application for storage and maintenance of IBM customer environment information for usage within Customer Support organization.  Both of these applications were used by 140+ person customer support representatives within Customer Support organization.


Architect and lead designer and developer of Java web based application for storing, viewing, and updating innovative ideas in relational database.  Created and organized an "Innovation Team" and associated process and database for capturing and assessing innovative ideas within Customer Support organization.


As member of IBM’s Center for Advanced Studies Advisory Board, influenced funding of university research topics at US universities. Fostered adoption of technologies developed in these efforts.


Customer Advocate providing support, guidance, and analysis in the installation, configuration, and operation of IBM's WebSphere Portlet Factory (WPF), and WebSphere Dashboard Framework (WDF) products. Provided customer support and aided customers in resolving problems with WPF/WDF in their development and business operations. Worked directly with customers, including architects, developers, program management, and other technical staff. Provided project management services as required in implementation of customer's installation and operation of WPF/WDF product.



IBM (ITPeople Corp - Contract) 09/2002 – 02/2006 -- Systems Consultant/Customer Advocate/Java Developer


Designed and developed application for gathering customer’s system and IBM product logs for subsequent transfer to IBM Support Team for analysis and problem determination resulting in decreased time to customer problem resolution.


Responsible for interaction with IBM customers to provide support, guidance, and analysis in the installation, configuration, and operation of IBM's WebSphere Everyplace Access (WEA) and WebSphere Everyplace Connection Manager (WECM) products.


Responsible for installation and configuration of laboratory for usage by development and test engineering personnel. Performed integration, functional, and system test on IBM’s WebSphere Everyplace Access (WEA) product for mobile enterprises. Performed installation, configuration, administration, and functional tests on single and distributed WEA environments and worked with development team on design problem resolution. Designed and documented techniques and processes for WEA installation and configuration.


Sapiens Americas 05/2001 - 01/2002 -- Development Team Lead and Systems Consultant


Lead Architect and Developer and mentor for team of 5 developers. As lead developer, architect, and trainer for development team, performed architectural design of Supply Chain Management (SCM) web applications, designed and developed servlets (using JDBC/SQL), JSPs, javabeans, and EJBs on Windows NT and 2000 using IBM’s VisualAge for Java and WebSphere Studio Application Developer (WSAD) J2EE compliant development platform. Application included interface to IBM 390 based legacy SCM knowledge based system. Performed installation, administration, configuration, and documentation of WAS, WSAD, and RDBMS (DB2) environments and installation of SCM application for department personnel. Installed and configured IBM HTTP and Apache Web Servers and documented this process. Defined and documented Sapien’s development environment and development process for use within Sapiens Americas, and trained and mentored development team in the their usage. Performed research and wrote white paper on internet security.



IBM (Matrix Resources - Contractor) 05/2000 - 02/2001 -- Systems Consultant


As a Systems Consultant was responsible for the development and support of IBM WebSphere Application Server (WAS) product (Java based), including analysis and diagnosis of product problems to resolution. Designed and developed Java features and corrected design problems. Developed Java servlets (JDBC/SQL), JSPs, javabeans, and EJBs for testing WAS to design specifications. Installed and configured AIX, Windows (NT and 2000), and Linux operating systems and associated patches/upgrades. Installed and configured WAS (versions 3.0 – 4.0). Installed and configured Apache, Netscape, IIS, and IBM HTTP web servers and documented the process for installation and configuration for junior staff members. Mentored and trained new developers and documented IBM WebSphere Development and Support Process including the installation, configuration, and use of WAS on AIX, Linux, Solaris, and Windows platforms within IBM WAS development and support organization.



IBM (Analysts International Contractor)  12/1996 - 04/2000 -- Systems Consultant


As a Systems Consultant was responsible for architectural design and development of World Wide Web (WWW) based electronic commerce Systems (electronic banking) using Java and Javascript. Participated in the development of e-banking application architecture and design. Developed JSPs and servlets which accessed databases using JDBC. Responsible for installation, administration, configuration, and deployment of Java Servlet environment on AIX platform using IBM's WebSphere Application Server product. Documented development team’s usage of VisualAge for Java (VAJ) development environment and mentored new development personnel in VAJ and WAS as required. Installed AIX operating system, relational database software (DB2) and associated upgrades and wrote Unix shell scripts as required. Installed and configured Netscape web servers for departmental use and trained systems administrators to perform this task.



Nortel Networks, Inc. (Manpower Contractor) 06/1996 - 10/1996 -- Systems Consultant


As a Systems Consultant was responsible for designing and developing World Wide Web (WWW) based electronic commerce systems using HTML, VRML, and other virtual reality technologies on Windows platforms.  Researched emerging WWW technologies and standards for applications within Nortel's Global Electronic Commerce Solutions core Platform development group.   Authored white papers on WWW, e-Commerce, Web security, and virtual reality applied to electronic commerce.



Nortel's Global Enterprise Services  07/1995 - 05/1996 -- Virtual Technologies Advisor


As a Virtual Technologies Advisor was responsible for providing consulting services in the application of Virtual Reality (VR).  Responsible for determining potential of VR use in specific applications in engineering and business processes using PC/workstation and Web based VR technologies.  Developed white Papers and presented Business cases, which captured benefits, savings, and development for VR applications.  Developed World Wide Web site proposals, infrastructure design, and provided assistance in site implementation.



Bell Northern Research, Inc.  08/1987 - 07/1995 (BNR, Nortel Networks R&D subsidiary) - Senior Member of Scientific Staff


As a Senior Member of Scientific Staff was responsible for managing programs to explore academic, government, industry, and standards bodies for new technologies and methodologies for use in BNR RTP laboratory and products.  Designed and facilitated the execution of Strategy Development Process for BNR RTP lab (1500+ scientists).  Designed and facilitated a futuring exercise involving participation of key lab technologists and management to develop scenarios of telecommunications future.  Was also responsible for researching and deploying telecommuting technologies at BNR RTP lab.  Designed database and associated process and documentation for storage of new product ideas for BNR/Nortel.  Led team to develop a formal filtering process to assess new service ideas in database.  Designed and developed C, Protel, and Pascal software for DMS 100 host and peripherals.  Designed test lab and associated procedures for testing digital telephony products to specification and coordinated lab scheduling and usage.  Responsible for the "Design for Testability Program" in Hardware Development Services organization to assure all designs were economically testable to specification.  Developed Hardware Simulation and Firmware Development Processes and trained BNR design community in their use.



Nortel Networks, Inc. 11/1979 - 09/1987 -- Project Coordinator, Development Team Lead, and Test Engineering Team Lead


Team lead and architect in systems integration projects which included the design, development, and support of systems for the standardization and integration of CAD/CAM/CAT/CIM and other engineering and information systems to be used in 7 NT and BNR design and manufacturing locations.  Was Chief Developer and Team Lead, coordinating activities of Systems and Programmer Analysts to meet organizational and system requirements for manufacturing information systems design, development, and support.



Knowledge Engineer 4/84-8/86


While working for Nortel Network's "Corporate Business Systems", was a Visiting Research Scientist and Knowledge Engineer at Vanderbilt University's Center for Intelligent Systems, researching "Artificial Intelligence in Computer Integrated Manufacturing". As Senior Knowledge Engineer, performed knowledge acquisition and codification on project to develop knowledge based systems for diagnosing electronic systems. Also was Knowledge Engineer and consultant on "Printed Circuit Board Design Merit System", "Design for Testability", and "Design for Manufacturability" research projects at North Carolina State University.


Operating Systems: Unix, AIX, Linux, Solaris, Windows (95, NT, 2000/2003, XP, and Vista)


Development Platforms:
Object Oriented (OO) methodologies, Java (J2EE), JSPs, XML, EJBs, JavaScript, Perl, SQL, HTML, C, Pascal, Prolog, Ruby on Rails, ASP.NET. Eclipse, and IBM Rational Application Developer and WebSphere Portlet Factory (WPF) and WebSphere Dashboard Framework (WDF) Development Environments.  IBM DB2, Oracle, MySQL, Cloudscape, Derby, Ruby on Rails, ASP.NET
Internet/Web Technologies: Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), installation / maintenance / administration of World Wide Web (WWW) technologies (Mosaic, Netscape, Apache, IBM HTTP Server, WebSphere Application Server and WebSphere Portal Server, etc.)





IBM Certified for e-business - Solution Technologist

IBM Certified Systems Expert – Administration for IBM WebSphere® Application Server, Advanced Edition, V4.0


PATENT FILED (while at IBM, Inc.)


Aggregating Information Sources for Updating User Calendar and Notifying User of Change.






Team oriented, intelligent, innovative, adaptable, eager to learn, respectful, with an enlightened sense of humor.


· Vanderbilt University, Center for Intelligent Systems - (Visiting Research Scientist/Knowledge Engineer, Artificial Intelligence in Computer Integrated Manufacturing Research Project, 1984-1986)
· NCSU Integrated Manufacturing Systems Engineering Institute - (Technical Monitor and consultant to faculty and students, 1985-1996)
· NCSU Industrial Extension Service - (Consultant/Knowledge Engineer for Printed Circuit Board Design Merit Rating System)
· NCSU Undergraduate Design Center - (Sponsor for student research projects, 1989-1996)
· NCSU National Science Foundation Project on Constraint Networks Research - (Applications Consultant/Knowledge Engineer for Design for Testability and Design for Manufacturability Research Projects)
· Microelectronic Center of North Carolina/North Carolina Supercomputer Center - (Liaison between NT/BNR and MCNC/NCSC, 1985-1990)
· Research Triangle Scientist Teacher Partnership - (Volunteer Scientist, 1991-1997)
· Wake Education Partnership Technology Advisory Task Force - (Volunteer in task force to make recommendations to Wake County School Systems regarding the use of technology in the classroom, 1994-1995)


· North Carolina Artificial Intelligence Symposium - (Organizing Committee and Technical Session Leader, 1989-1992)
· North Carolina Electronics and Information Technology Association - (Organizing Committee and Educational Program Committee 1993)
· Triangle Area Neural Network Society - (Organizing Committee, 1990-1996 Membership Chair, 1993)
· EL-TECH Symposium and Exhibition - (Organizing Committee and Technical Session Chair, 1988)
· Emerging Technologies Assessment/Analysis Organization - (BNR, Inc. - prime for "Technology Watch" program, 1992-1996)
· Triangle Virtual Reality Special Interest Group - (Organizing Committee, 1993-1996)
· Vanderbilt University's International Workshop on Programming Environments for   Intelligent Systems - (Conference Co-Chair, Technical Session Leader, 1985)
· North Carolina Telecommuting Association - (Organizing Committee - 1993)


· Association for Computing Machinery (ACM)
· Institute for Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE)
· International Neural Network Society (INNS)
· Triangle Area Neural Network Society (TANNS)
· World Future Society (WFS)
· American Association for Artificial Intelligence (AAAI)